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VIP London escorts

Call-models is the leading provider of high class and VIP London escorts and encounters of an epic scale. It only takes a brief glance at our galleries to see that we compare favourably against most other agencies in the city given the fact that our VIP London escorts are stunningly beautiful with a wealth of other qualities you have yet to discover. If you are seeking companionship with a true VIP escort in London then this has to be the first place you start your search.

What makes a VIP escort?

Exclusivity. The more exclusive and limited the escort is, the more appealing and VIP she becomes. If an escort is available on all agency websites, clients can become very quickly bored and will not book simply because everyone else can, if she is only available at a certain agency or she limits her clients to a very small number then she retains her exclusivity and therefore her VIP status. As with anything bespoke or in short supply, the demand is reserved only for those with the means and the true desire will prevail.

Of course a VIP escort should also be blessed with natural flawless beauty and a sensational figure, her approach to a sensual date should also show that she is highly professional and be able to make her companion feel desired and wanted. This is why it is so difficult for agencies to retain such excellent escorts. They are very few and far between and when a client finds a VIP escort he is comfortable with he will tend to stick with her or at least the agency that she is linked to. The VIP escorts you will meet at Call-Models are extremely rare gems of which you will find nowhere else. Not only do they have the physical attributes one associates with quality and beauty but they also have many other personal qualities our clients desire in the perfect woman.

At call-models our agency is extremely careful to ensure that all our VIP escorts have the right motivation and outlook on life. We know our clients like to spend time with ladies who can take them away from their every day pressurised lives and into a world of desire and fantasy where they can lose themselves into the desire and physical fun of the moment. It is these elements of perfection that our clients pay a premium for and our VIP escorts in London are able to deliver. Our ladies offer an exclusive service that our clients enjoy. They are fun, friendly and extremely open minded and not adverse to taking the first steps themselves.

VIP escort services

The services our VIP London escorts provide are generally the same as any other agency however it is how they are provided that makes all the difference. Our ladies thoroughly enjoy what they do and their enthusiasm shines through and warms the hearts of our clients. Our escorts offer something that not every agency think of and it is much more than a physical act. The sense of welcome, interest, desire and attraction are things that some gentlemen lack in their everyday lives. Perhaps they are too wrapped up in their work or perhaps they find it difficult to connect in their everyday lives but with one of our VIP escorts in London they can take the time to engage with a beautiful woman who will not reject their advances and give them the confidence to explore all their hidden desires. Our VIP escorts in London encourage their clients to be experimental, exploring all avenues of desire and some that many of our clients have never been exposed to, even just an hour’s encounter can uncover previously hidden gems of delight however the longer you spend with our elite and VIP escorts in London, the more pleasure you will get out of the encounter.

At call-models we aim to provide a service which is much more than just a brief tryst. Even with the shortest of dates, our escort girls have the ability to make their client’s feel like they have a connection and are enjoying something much more than just a date. Our ladies are breathtakingly beautiful and yet they are still very approachable – something that you will not find in everyday life at all. Many gents think of these stunning women as being out of reach and yet at call-Models exclusive agency this is never the case at all. All our ladies have sweet and friendly personalities are they are always keen to find out everything there is to know about their date. They are genuinely interested in order to ensure that they can provide exactly what the gentlemen is looking for – without him having to ask – just like magic!

As you can see our agency provides something usually unattainable elsewhere. We work hard to fill the void left by other agencies who simply go through the motions. There is much more to a truly VIP escort service than just a pretty girl charging high fees. Our VIP London escorts are blessed with unique qualities that become more apparent when revealed to clients in person. Anyone can provide and run a VIP escort agency in London but only Call-models are able to provide a genuine and more rounded VIP escort service which fulfils, understands and captivates both the heart and mind of our clients. Our VIP escort girls are experienced yet they still retain an air of purity. Their single desire is to please and have fun, after all, isn’t that what an encounter is all about?

If you would like to find out more about our VIP services then do feel free to browse our public portfolio of gorgeous escort companions in the city. Our VIP escorts are available Internationally as well as in London and the Major UK cities. If you travel around a lot for your business then you can enjoy the company of our ladies wherever you are, anywhere on the planet. Simply call and speak to one of our friendly reception team – who know all the girls’ personally and are best placed to be able to advise where requested. Many of our VIP escorts are extremely well travelled and can speak multiple languages. They are not your average London escorts with a pretty face, they have intelligence, awareness and are able to mingle in all social circles. Their beauty is beguiling and their sensuality is explosive. The only way you will ever find out just how amazing our VIP escorts in London are is by giving us a call.