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At Call Models escort agency we believe that each and every one of our clients should enjoy a full VIP service that is second to none and that is why all our stunning London escorts can be considered to be the cream of the crop. Whilst we may have excluded many gentlemen from our client base due to the fees our ladies command but we do believe that there are many gentlemen for whom only the very best is good enough and so that is why all our beauties can easily be described as true VIP escorts in London

As you can see our ladies are somewhat different to the usual ladies you see within the portfolios of other escort agencies. We do state that many of our stunners are genuine models and whether they are photographic models or glamour models you can be assured that they have been in print somewhere in Europe. A model is not always a regular career and when our ladies are in between assignments they like to get out and enjoy themselves in the company of discerning gentlemen. All our amazing escorts are perfect for all occasions and especially those where you need a partner for a public engagement or you need to be accompanied out to dinner for instance.

Many of our clients are executives who spend their working lives travelling the globe as part of their career. This leaves very little time for socialising and enjoying oneself and awfully difficult to meet likeminded ladies who are glamorous and sensual enough to enjoy naughty encounters with. This is where our beautiful and elite London escorts come into their own as they are able to act as travel companions to all our clients and since many of our VIP London escorts come from Europe they do speak multiple languages and so are ideal to spend time with in any European city.

At Call-models our VIP escorts are located not just in London but all over the world. If you prefer not to have to fly out your favourite lady to your location then you can still make a booking with any of our local ladies in many of the cities around the world. Local charges will apply but it would be cheaper to book locally of course, and much better if you are looking to enjoy a date that same day.

As you can see from our galleries we take a great deal of care to ensure that all of our newest escorts meet our exacting standards. We look for the obvious qualities like beauty and a sexy figure but we also ensure that all our VIP escorts have the right mindset to ensure that both they and our clients make the most of their time together. All our stunners genuinely enjoy their encounters and are extremely enthusiastic. One might think that such a beauty would be difficult to get along with but our stunning VIP escorts are warm and friendly and eager to please so you can rest assured that you will have the very best time in their company – wherever you are on the planet!


The Eurovision Song Contest is just two months away and this week all 40 entries have been unveiled. Slightly different to previous year all entries have been presented on Youtube which, as a massive social media search engine does give us all an insight as to what could be popular or not. The entry for Great Britain is an upbeat Charleston which, at first hearing is exactly what you might expect some Eastern European country to present however it is upbeat and is already proving very popular with over 850,000 views already. If these do covert into votes we could even be seeing Britain as the shock winner of Euro-vision! But wait! Let’s not forget most of Europe votes for their neighbours and as an Island we can usually only count on Ireland and sometimes Norway or Sweden for a nod in our direction.

Our beautiful European escorts love the Eurovision contest and don’t understand the British instinct to mock it so maybe this year it is time to embrace our European roots and take the contest a little more seriously and forge some new European friends along the way?

Our clients certainly don’t have a problem with our European beauties – all of whom are stunningly beautiful and extremely elegant. Call-Models is known for one of the most elite escort agencies in London and given all our VIP London escorts our clients are more than happy with the European stunners that they meet.

Indeed at Call-models it is a rarity for us to have a British model escort available to spend time with clients and some of our most popular VIP escorts in London are originally from Eastern Europe where it is well known that pretty much all the girls are true stunners. All our beautiful escort girls are blessed with amazing figure and flawless beauty and whether or not you enjoy Eurovision, you will certainly enjoy our Eurovision beauties at Call-models.


Next week sees a number of celestial events that do not happen very often and will be certainly something to watch out for in the skies above. We have a super moon and also a solar eclipse and wherever you are in the world next week when it happens it is sure to be a beautiful and breathtaking sight.

A super moon is so called when the moon is at its closest to Earth. The moon will seem huge by usual standards and very romantic indeed. The following morning you will see a full solar eclipse which should block out around 98% of the sun’s rays, and given that it is predicted to be a clear day this should also be an amazing sight. For those who already have overnight appointments booked on Wednesday night through to Thursday morning, you can enjoy the view together but do remember to part the curtains otherwise you will miss it!

Our stunning model London escorts are available in all locations of the world as, of course, we are an international escort agency. These celestial events will be seen across the planet and are not just limited to the UK so wherever you will be next Wednesday and Thursday you will also enjoy these amazing sights. You can also enjoy an amazing encounter with one of our beauties which ever country you plan to be in as we have many International escorts  who will be more than delighted to come out and visit you.

Our escort agency offers international encounters in all cities of the world so whether you are in Paris, Rome or Dubai you can enjoy the company of a beautiful young lady from a respectable escort agency. We can fly out the lady of your choice to your location or we do have some local escorts in various cities so if you want to watch the eclipse from a European city then just let us know and we can have a beauty with you in no time. Take a look at our galleries of beautiful European escorts and choose the lady that suits your needs in the location of your choice. Our reception team are always on hand to assist if required. Don’t miss this amazing event as it doesn’t happen too often, the last one was in 1999. Our ladies are available much sooner than that though!


The morning after the night before might have dawned for those who didn’t quite get to take home one of the coveted Oscar statues however for the nominees who didn’t quite make the grade there is consolation in their ‘everyone wins at the Oscars’ gift bags. Valued at $125k, the losing nominees can enjoy a wealth of goodies to make them feel better about their loss and themselves with a choice of different shots which are said to enhance the users sexual response. The o-shot, LEO or Priapus proclaims to improve sex drive and orgasm costs up to $5000 per prick (ahem) now quite frankly, whilst this may be a great idea in enhancements we certainly know that our stunning VIP London escorts  can ensure the same sense of well being and our clients can enjoy the same effect for a much lower price. In fact, you could even enjoy an entire night with one of our super hot and sexy model escorts for that price with multiple ‘o-shots’ during that time and not a surgical procedure in sight! The only nurses will be the ones holding their stethoscopes suggestively, offering to suck out the ‘poison’ from affected areas!

A date with one of our super elite London escorts means that you will never have to resort to such things and even if you are in the USA, perhaps you even went to the Oscars last night, albeit as a guest rather than a nominee, Call-models is an International escort agency and has a stunning selection of amazing upscale escorts for you to commiserate with. Our red hot temptresses will certainly make you feel a whole lot better about not receiving one of the gold statues or indeed the option of a synthetic orgasm. Always best to keep it real as they say so get on the phone and make a date with our stunning Oscar winning escorts.

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This year, for the first time ever, London really will become the city that never sleeps. With the introduction on 24 hour tubes, you will soon be able to get out and about on London transport at any time of the day or night. At Call-models VIP London escort agency we do see this as a bonus, especially for clients who like to make impulsive decisions to enjoy a last minute tryst with the elite London escort of their choice although many of our clients have their own chauffeurs or enjoy our outcall and visiting service. Nevertheless this is sure to be a boost to the capital’s economy and we are sure to see amenities staying open even longer in a bid to capture the twilight economy.

Our gorgeous model escorts in London tend not to use the tubes to make their way to our client’s hotels and homes and many of our encounters are booked in advance so it is not always necessary to be travelling around London in the wee small hours however we can certainly see the benefits of the service and it can only be a good thing for the city.

If you are staying in London and perhaps your original plans for the evening do not come to fruition then by all means give us a call and we can see which of our VIP London escorts are available to visit you. Many of our ladies do offer incalls however these do tend to be by appointment in advance and not last minute but, as the saying goes, if you don’t ask you don’t get!

Take a look at our gallery of stunning VIP London escorts and see which of our stunners you feel would suit your needs best. A single phone call could be the difference between spending the evening alone and spending the evening with a sensational model London escort.

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Driverless cars are the new thing at the moment. They have been rolled out in an experiment in Milton Keynes, Bristol, Greenwich and Coventry with various designs of vehicles being tested. With a top speed of 7-12 mpg no-one has raised the issue of the fact that it will be like having scores of invalid cars on the road, probably causing huge tailbacks on the way!

It is unlikely in its present form to be used by our Model escorts  , we simply cannot see them alighting from a Lego car in any style whatsoever so we will stick with minicabs for the moment until they iron out all the issues!

Our elite London escorts are always on time and eager to have fun and whilst the design of these vehicles apparently leave you free to do other things, we cannot think of much else there is space to do. Makeup obviously, but our stunners always look breathtakingly beautiful before they leave their homes anyway and with two people in these tiny little cable cars on wheels it’s a bit of a tight fit. The ones being rolled out in Milton Keynes look like they are transformers and about to spring into robot form at any minute, flinging one out onto the road and into the path of irate drivers, annoyed at being reduced to a crawl speed behind them!

Technology has some excellent ideas however we will reserve out judgement before heralding this new arrival. Our elite london escorts are discreet and prompt at all times. Rest assured that when you book a date with any of them they will arrive in a discreet black cab and not an Olympic flag wearing Optimus Prime!

If you are planning to jet out of the UK to spend Christmas in warmer climes then you are likely to be leaving in the next 24 hours or so to make it to your destination in time. Did you know you can still enjoy an encounter with one of our gorgeous high class model escorts when you are outside the UK too? We have scores of beauties dotted around the globe who are available to spend some very sexy time with you and all you have to do is give us a call and let us know where you are and we can let you know which of our stunners you can meet.

Many of our London escorts prefer to get out of the city during the winter and so if you have seen one of our Christmas angels before, you may get to see her in the country you are travelling to as well. Dubai is always a popular choice for our executives and whilst this is not a Christian country most things are open as usual on the big day itself.

Imagine relaxing in the hot sun with a beautiful and high class escort rather than shivering in the UK watching reruns of old TV shows – sounds much more appealing! Our Dubai escorts are available to come to your hotel room for the length of time that you need and you don’t even have to be included on the nice list to enjoy this! Better still if you have been on the naughty list – our girls certainly have!

Make your plans in advance as much as possible though as delays on travel can mean that we do get a sudden rush on airport appointments, especially for Heathrow and Gatwick airports. Travellers like to spend their 3 or 4 hour delays enjoying their time in a much more sensual and erotic manner than just sitting in the airport lounge waiting to be called. Hotel rooms at the airport become very busy and our London escorts are often called out at short notice to meet with clients who are experiencing delays.

We want to ensure that your Christmas holidays are as fulfilled and exciting as possible so give us a call and you can enjoy the very best Christmas gift that you give yourself – the gift of pleasure with one of our beautiful London escorts or our Dubai escorts.

christmas cheer

Christmas in London is a magical time with plenty to see and do on the run up to the big day however, like most other places throughout the Christian world, Christmas day can be a bit of a damp squib if you are spending it alone. Hours or re-runs on the TV with no shops or events open so if you are not planning to spend your Christmas with family or friends, or you are unable to do so then it can be a little lonely.

Our gorgeous London escorts are here to make your Christmas be one of the most exciting and memorable yet! Imagine having one of our top model escorts on your wish list where you don’t even have to make the nice list in order to meet her! Our model escort agency is open throughout the Christmas period, although we do have a more limited gallery of gorgeous girls, we can still fulfil your every Christmas wish.

You will need to book in advance so if you haven’t yet thought about what you are going to do Christmas day or indeed Boxing day, then get on the phone and see which of our stunners are available to come and spend an hour or more with you. As you might expect we are very booked up but there are just a few available spaces left so get on the phone now!

Boxing day is another day where you might be needing some company although the country rolls back into gear with shops at least opening for the rush of the sales, so at least there is activity in the streets again!

Many f our super elite London escorts do go abroad for Christmas to places with warmer climates like Dubai. Lots of people tend to holiday for January in places like the Caribbean and many of our gentlemen clients have yachts that they like to fill with a bevy of stunning model escorts. All this means is that we do have a more limited gallery of available stunners so you really will need an appointment and although where possible we like to fulfil all last minute bookings, there are times where we simply don’t have the ladies to be able to do it. We advise clients, especially at Christmas time and leading up to the New year to give us a call and make your booking in advance. Everyone wants to unwrap their very own beautiful gift to themselves at Christmas so make sure you have booked yours in advance!

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We have all heard tales of western visitors being arrested for public kissing and affection in Dubai and it seems the stance on apparent adultery is severe to those in the west however under the surface you can still enjoy the types of fun you are used to when travelling to UAE. Call-models have a selection of stunning young ladies who will be able to lavish their attentions upon you during your stay and you can enjoy their company in the many bars along the Sheikh Zayed road without consequence.

Dubai is, in fact a place for romance. Whether that romance is paid for or not is not something that is publicly discussed and for our British escorts who spend the summer months in Dubai the ease at which they can purchase their visa’s and the warm reception they receive upon arriving is certainly a great attraction.

As Dubai has welcomed businesses from the West so too have their traditions and way of life followed. For many gentlemen it is normal to end a difficult working day with a few drinks at a local bar and then an evening of relaxing pleasure in the arms of a beautiful woman. It used to be the case that this was not possible in UAE however in recent years it seems that the rules are generally much more relaxed and accepting that these romances actually help the local economy.

The months of July and August are usually the busiest for our Dubai escorts and also our Doha escorts too. This is when most females in the family will escape the heat top visit UK or USA for the summer weeks leaving the males in their family to fend for themselves, and indeed they do – with the help of our beautiful and elite Dubai escorts.

Enjoying the company of such beauties is normal in a world of excess and lavish luxury. When staying in a 7 star hotel and shopping in marbled malls why wouldn’t you feel that you deserved to live like a prince and have beauties at your beck and call? Especially since it seems so normal, despite the Islamic laws. As long as encounters in public remain respectable, then it seems that behind closed doors can be classed as a different matter. The higher up the social chain you go, the easier it is to enjoy a great time in Dubai and our elite model escorts are certainly at the top of the chain anywhere in the world.

We currently have around 6 escorts available in Dubai and rather than searching for them online whilst you are in Dubai – escort websites are actually illegal in UAE you might want to make a note of our phone number or make the arrangements before you go. Our Dubai escorts are also available in London from time to time so you may even be able to hook up with a lady you may have met in London in the past – just give us a call and we can ensure that your time in Dubai is as romantic and exciting as you could hope for.

Many gentlemen understand and are not afraid to state that they appreciate certain parts of a woman’s anatomy more than others and whether you are a leg man or a breast man at call-models London escort agency, you will always find a selection of beauties who fit your idea of perfection.

Being a model London escort agency we of course have a range of beauties who are tall. This usually goes hand in hand with the fact that they have long legs and whether they have that thigh gap that the media are so obsessed with or not, they still have perfect pins that most other women would die for!

So what makes up the perfect leg? A plastic surgeon found it necessary to spend 12 years of his life studying this and came up with a mathematical formula that it is the straightness of the leg which defines it as attractive with a slender ankle and curved calf muscles. Now, we would not have needed to spend 12 years researching this as we know what our clients find attractive and the proof is in the fact that all of our gorgeous model escorts possess perfect pins that seem to go on forever. Some people state that reason many men adore legs and find them erotic is in the fact that they lead up to the most feminine parts of a woman and whilst this may be true for some men it is certainly not the general consensus.

It doesn’t even have to be a tall woman who is seen as having desirable legs as it is the fact that the leg is toned with the sweeping curve of the calf to a feminine and delicate ankle – this is why so many women love high heels, aside from the fact that it gives them additional height, pointed toes accentuate the calf muscle and make the ankle appear finer.

You probably do not need us to tell you what it is about our willowy beauties that you find attractive, you may not even realise that you have a thing for leggy women until you start to see the pattern in the features of all the women you find desirable.

One of the best features of all our beautiful model escorts is their legs. They are long, slender and toned and yet you will notice that they do not have this thigh gap that the media seem to find so necessary and that is because it is not something that men in particular desire. Men like a little bit of flesh on the inner thigh and, let’s face it, no man desires a waif like androgynous woman and so you will see that all our high class escorts have perfect womanly figures and curves and soft flesh in all the right places! Buxom, beautiful and real women, our elite London escorts are a world away from the malnourished, angular and downright bony fashion models the media seems to think we find attractive, at Call-Models we know exactly what our make clients want and as you can see, we give it to them!