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English escorts

It is a known fact that the Eastern European women are stunningly beautiful however there are certainly some breathtakingly beautiful women in all cultures and at call-models escort agency we have found many of them. Our English escorts in particular are known for their sophistication, elegance and refinement which makes them stand out from all other London escorts and indeed International escorts too.

Our clientele includes British businessmen and International playboys and executives. Our International clients like to spend time with our English escorts who epitomise everything they love about Great Britain. As almost all of our English escorts are models they are blessed with flawless complexions and toned bodies reflective of their healthy lifestyles. Appearances are very important and they are always well presented with an understated glamour that oozes class and charm. In addition to their physical perfection they have engaging personalities that the British are known for with a wry sense of humour and open minds.

In private, our English escorts can be a surprise as their passion and adventurous nature breaks free from their conventional persona to reveal a red blooded and adventurous woman capable of taking her companion to the very highest pinnacle of pleasure. The English are known for their very down to earth and practical personalities and our English escorts are no exception as they follow the pursuit of desire to the letter.

One thing that our International clients find, with some surprise, is the fact that our English escorts are indifferent to wealth and status. They are always extremely accepting of all clients and are eager to ensure that all encounters are equal in terms of effort and fun that is had. They all have the same respect whether clients are dustmen or dukes and the ability to put all their dates at ease within minutes of meeting is a quality that is shared by all our English escorts in particular. It is not just physical beauty that our clients find attractive in our English escorts. Many gentlemen have revealed that they love the clipped and proper tones of our high class English escorts and when they are combined with an elegant and sophisticated woman it is all the more exciting. It may be the fact that many men find English women a little reserved and so the chase is extremely exciting particularly when it is revealed that the demure and coy companion is actually a raging powerhouse of desire and passion. There is something particularly attractive in the thought that these passions are only reserved for very private and intimate moments and allows our clients a sense of special insight into a private and very personal moment not shared with the public in general.

Each nationality of exclusive escort has their own qualities and fans amongst our clients however we do find that the vast majority of our International clients enjoy spending time with our elite English escorts. They are something of a rarity, especially in London as many of the top class English escorts have left for exotic locations such as Dubai however those that remain are elegant, sophisticated and the embodiment of everything English and remain very much in demand to those who visit our city.